Jenna Laine


Broadcast, Print, & Multimedia Sports Journalist

Tampa Bay Sports Writer and TV Reporter Jenna Laine

A highly-skilled multimedia specialist, I pride myself in being able to juggle multiple media platforms, package them, and provide them to various publications and media outlets. Need a face on-camera to represent your company? Need an article for your website? How about a stringer to cover your town's college football team, complete with play analysis, post-game interviews, and even photos?  Did I mention I can shoot, edit, and stream online video?



Energy & Enthusiasm!

I firmly believe that 'attitude determines altitude.' That's why I approach every professional venture whole-heartedly, with 100% effort. I don't believe in dragging my heels or doing thins half-way. That's why as a 'multimedia guru,' I pride myself in being able to do the work of 3 and 4 people, all at once!


What Can I Do?

Broadcast Services

  • On-camera and voice-over talent
  • Radio hosting
  • Shooting and editing video into reporter packages for news corporations and media outlets
  • Script writing and editing
  • Graphic design & content creation for commercials 

Print Services

  • Specializing in sports, human interest, news, health, and fitness-related articles for print and the web.
  • Available to cover live events, conduct interviews, and provide commentary on deadline.
  • Creation of compelling feature stories
  • AP-style writing suitable for newspapers, magazines, and newsletters

Multimedia/Online Services

  • Shooting, editing, and streaming of online video
  • Creation of voiceovers and graphics for online commercials and flash introductions, includes music
  • Interactive blogging and commentary at live sporting events
  • Social media campaigns

Public Relations

  • Creation of company press releases
  • Brand ambassador at tradeshows and company functions
  • Product promotion with creative marketing strategies