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Professional Recommendations

I'm a firm believer that in order to be great at what you do, you must surround yourself with amazing people. I'm very blessed to have worked with some outstanding professionals, many that I have come to admire. It is with great pride that my respect for them has grown to be mutual. I am sincerely grateful for the kind remarks made by the following people:

“I had the pleasure of working directly with Jenna at this year's Super Bowl where she was credentialed by the NFL on behalf of Jenna did a tremendous job covering the Super Bowl in Miami. She was tireless, tracking down leads, double-checking sources and producing a prolific amount of high-quality stories."


"Jenna also displayed an ability to write a variety of styles of stories, from serious player profiles, to humorous, lighter works. Jenna is not intimidated by any situation, and quickly earns the respect of the subject in which she interviews. Jenna would be an enormous asset to any team, and will be a star should she continue to pursue a career sports journalism."


-David Katz, Founder and CEO, SportsFanLive

“Jenna has all the intangibles it takes to be a success: Work ethic, enthusiasm, diligence. Whether it's breaking stories on or providing terrific and insightful coverage of the Buccaneers for Blog Blitz, Jenna delivers fantastic work with an even better attitude.”


-Victor Chi, Senior Editor, SportsFanLive

“Jenna was the driving force behind our Tampa Bay Buccaneers blog this season. She had a great attitude, was receptive to feedback and was one of the best people we had as far as getting us good copy on time on a regular basis. When Jenna got a chance to cover a Bucs game in person late in the season, she took on the challenge and produced some fine work.”


 -Andrew Simon, Editor, SportsFanLive

“Jenna has an engaging personality and is a tenacious worker... she is intelligent, resourceful, and is a true pleasure to be around... I would love to have her working with me in any endeavor and my old friends at Scripps Howard and WFTS-TV will be lucky to have her."


Jack Harris, Air Personality, Clear Channel Radio

“Jenna’s work constantly reminds me how ambitious, hard-working and talented she is. Her career experience is just as solid, open and dynamic as Jenna Laine’s personality. But a few years ago we got to work together side-by-side through USF’s Mass Comm program, and I got only a taste of the energy and persistence she channels into all her efforts. One of Jenna’s strongest professional assets is her knack to balance several projects and succeed on multiple planes at once."


"We were part of a team that worked on an intense (and eventually award-winning) documentary called “Wishes Come True” and even through the university spring break, we continued working. Jenna’s professional work speaks for itself. But I have seen her movition and ability to set and achieve goals in the reporting field, the athletic sphere and to succeed with people in general. She is a talented journalist, a good person and an uplifting team member that succeeds on independent projects as well. Jenna Laine is a gem and can only add to the energy, spirit and success of any project or group she works with.”


-Natasha Samreny, Classmate at University of South Florida



If we have worked together previously and you would like to provide a recommendation, please Contact Me. I am always appreciative of feeback. Thank you for your time!


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